Q: Are there positives to take away from the race?
Daniel Ricciardo: Actually it's mostly positives: I did a good job in the car and I got to stand on the Australian Grand Prix podium – and no-one's taking the sensation of doing that away. What happens next is outside of my ability to control but honestly, I'd rather it went down like this than have retired from the race with a mechanical problem. I'll take a podium and a subsequent disqualification over that any day of the week.
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Daniel Ricciardo, Albert Park 2014

First races with HRT, Toro Rosso + Red Bull

Dan’s in the Red Bull and our blog is back

“It’s nice to be in Q3. It’s the first time since Bahrain last year that I’ve made it to the top ten, so that’s nearly a whole year. I am definitely looking forward to having a strong race tomorrow and will give it all I’ve got to make the most of this seventh place on the grid. I think it will be an exciting race and today, you could see that most of us waited until the last moments in Q3 to go out, with everyone thinking about saving tyres for tomorrow, as the Options were having a hard time on a long run on Friday. This result will boost everyone’s spirits, and mine as well and I really can’t wait for the lights to go out tomorrow! The guys have been working so hard back at the factory and they’ve made the car quicker, so well done to everyone.”

- Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel’s Chinese GP Preview

Daniel’s helmet for 2013

Dan’s debut with Red Bull Flying Bach

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Daniel Ricciardo getting ready for the Australian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo - Barcelona testing day one

Daniel Ricciardo - Jerez Test Day One

Right, the new season starts in a week.

I’ve added a new link where we will update Dan’s results as the season progresses.

I’m going to post some testing photos to get us started with 2013 photos.

Another thing I added was links to take you to videos and articles separately so if you’re looking for a certain video or just wanting to know how the season’s going for Dan then those links are where you go.

That’s all, thanks guys 

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Daniel Ricciardo takes the RB7 for a spin in Buenos Aires

Daniel Ricciardo having a home run around the streets of Perth in the Red Bull show car in 2010.

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